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Mercedes Benz C Class Android 12.0 (W204) Multimedia 10.25"/12.3" Touchscreen Display + Built-In Wireless Carplay & Android Auto | 2011 - 2013 | LHD/RHD

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Mercedes Benz C Class Android 12.0 (W204) Multimedia 10.25"/12.3" Touchscreen Display + Built-In Wireless Carplay & Android Auto | 2011 - 2013 | LHD/RHD

Upgrade the interior of your car, by replacing your older screen with a brand new Android 12.0 larger display which is completely plug and play.

Our brand new HD 1920x720 resolution display includes full Carplay and Android functionality to your existing NTG system while retaining all the original features. Both the Carplay and Android Auto system supports button and steering wheel controls.

Whether your NTG or system is factory-equipped with navigation, phone module or Bluetooth, whether it's Apple Maps, Spotify, making/receiving calls or using Siri to reply to text, the system fully supports Apple systems and phone features.

Our brand new Android 12.0 system now features a black bezel, which makes the display look OEM! 

1 Year Full Warranty.

Confused between this system and our cheaper system? Check out the differences here.

See Shipping & Refund 
  • Android 12.0
  • Apple Wireless Carplay
  • Android Wireless Auto
  • HD Touchscreen Display - Highly Responsive
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, USB Connection
  • Navigation | GPS SAT NAV
  • Retain Original iDrive System
  • Retain Factory Camera & Sensors
  • Retain Steering Wheel Controls & iDrive Knob
  • Simple Switch Between Original iDrive & New Unit
  • Multimedia | Google Play Store, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc.
  • Voice Assistant | Siri and Google
  • Supports Original Rear View Camera and 360 Degree Camera
  • Supports Aftermarket Rear View Camera and 360 Degree Camera
  • EQ Audio Adjustment System
  • Built-in Microphone
  • 10.25"/12.3" HD Multimedia Screen Display
  • Instruction Booklet
  • Cables 
  • Plug and Play Into Factory Head Unit. Instruction Booklet Is Provided.
    This product is only suitable with models with the NTG 4.5/4.7 System. Check Below.


     OS Android 12.0
    CPU 8 Core * 2.0Ghz
    RAM 4GB or 6GB
    ROM (Storage) 64GB or 128GB
    Screen Size 10.25" or 12.3"
    Screen Resolution 1920*720 HD QLED
    Internet 4G LTE / WIFI (Built-In 4G Dongle) 
    Bluetooth Built-In 5.0 Premium BT
    DSP Built-In High-Fidelity Digital Sound Processor
    Rear View Support HD Reverse Camera/360° Panoramic HD Image
    Brand Euro Active Retrofits
    Screen IPS Anti-Glare Capacitive 5-Finger Touch
    Apple CarPlay Wired or Wireless
    Android Auto Wired or Wireless
    Struggling to decide on a system? After this, we will ensure that you will know which system is best suited for your vehicle and needs. 

    What are the different systems? 

    On our website, Euro Active Retrofits may offer 2 systems which look completely alike! One is much more affordable, and one may be considered pricey. 
    That more affordable unit, is our Linux unit, designed by ourselves. This unit is a 10.25" HD touchscreen upgrade, providing your vehicle with Wireless CarPlay & Android Auto.
    On the other hand, there is our Android 12.0 unit, which seems similar to the Linux, however has MUCH more features. From it's very own Bluetooth 5.0 integration, to watching movies, shows & sports on the go, this system has it all! 


    ANDROID 12.0


    ✅ 10.25" Touchscreen Display ✅ 10.25" Touchscreen Display
    ✅ 1280*480 Display ✅ 1920*720 HD Display
    ✅ Wired/Wireless Apple CarPlay ✅ Wired/Wireless Apple CarPlay
    ✅ Wired/Wireless Android Auto ✅ Wired/Wireless Android Auto
    ✅ Bluetooth 4.0 ✅ Bluetooth 5.0
    ✅ Retain Original iDrive ✅ Retain Original iDrive
    ✅ Retain Original Steering Controls ✅ Retain Original Steering Controls
    ✅ Retain Original Cameras ✅ Retain Original Cameras
    ✅ Voice Assistant | Siri, Google ✅ Voice Assistant | Siri, Google
    ❌ No In-Built Navigation System ✅ In-Built Navigation System
    ❌ 3 Core Linux 8 Core Processor
    ❌ No Multimedia | Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, etc.  ✅ Multimedia | Youtube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. 
    ❌ No Google Play Store ✅ Google Play Store | Thousands of Applications
    ❌ No In-Motion Video ✅ In-Motion Video
    ❌ 2GB RAM | No Storage ✅ 4 or 6GB RAM | 64 or 128GB Storage



    Want a larger touchscreen to use Apple CarPlay?

    Select our LINUX system! 

    Want all of the above, plus in-motion Youtube, Netflix, thousands of other downloadable apps, an aftermarket reverse camera or 360° camera, navigation, and more?

    Select our ANDROID 12.0 system! ✅


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