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BMW 4 Series M4 G82 / G83 & G22 / G23 / G26 GTS OLED Style Sequential Tail Lights

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BMW 4 Series M4 G82 / G83 & G22 / G23 / G26 GTS OLED Style Sequential Tail Lights

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Just like the 3 Series GTS OLED Tail Lights we just released, we couldn't leave our 4 Series family behind. Designed precisely for the 4 Series G82, G83, G22, G23, G26, these GTS Style LED BMW taillights transform the rear end of your car and mimic the $10 000 OLED tails found on the M4 CS models!

This simple yet aggressive design will let any driver behind you know you’re in the best BMW money can buy!

The BMW GTS models are a BMW heritage design and concept. The tails are plug and play and require no coding. You will marvel at the starting light up sequence and the bright white LED back up lights.

Why Euro Active Retrofits?

  • Free Express Shipping Worldwide
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • No Additional Coding, We Code Prior To Shipping
  • No Visible Cables, All Hidden Within Trunk Lining
  • Vivid Bright LED (Looks Amazing At Night)
  • Incredible Start-Up Animation Sequence


  • Sequential Euro Amber Turn Signals
  • OLED GTS Style Design
  • Amazing Vivid Start-Up Sequence
  • Easy Plug and Play Installation With No Error Codes
  • Complete Units
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Fit For Both Pre-LCI and LCI models
  • Completely Weatherproof / Waterproof
  • Bright LED

Package Includes:

  • 1x Inner Left Tail Light
  • 1x Outer Left Tail Light
  • 1x Inner Right Tail Light
  • 1x Outer Right Tail Light
  • Cables
  • Installation Manual


  • Plug and Play
  • No Coding Required
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