Throw out your AUX cord, our team at Euro Active Retrofits are aiming to allow our customers to enjoy modern technology in their vehicles, regardless of year model. We primarily work hands on with stereo systems, taillights, lighting systems, customizable steering wheels and much more accessories across a large range of vehicles.
Which is why we research and create the perfect product, specifically suitable and created for your exact car model, which will feel original in the car, as if your vehicle was built with it, rather than a cheap aftermarket product. Our Wireless carplay systems are completely hidden by plugging it in behind the center unit of your vehicle, allowing for a cleaner interior, without annoying wires getting in the way of your driving and passengers.
Regardless of year model, screen size, or any other factor. Compatible with your buttons and steering wheel controls, our high quality carplay systems will work in your car and allow you to use your favorite apps while driving, from Waze, to Spotify, or, even park up, get some snacks, and airplay Netflix or Youtube for you and your passengers to watch and enjoy in the comfort of your own car.

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