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BMW E9X M3 Style Customizable Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Steering Wheel

$1,099.99 AUD $1,299.99 AUD

E9X M3 Style Customizable Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel.

Customize your driving experience which our brand new Carbon Fiber steering wheel for E9X BMW drivers! 

View each of the customizable options by scrolling through our photos and choosing your best preference! We will create a high quality, beautiful steering wheel built specifically for you!

Customizable Options:  

  • Wheel Shape
  • Leather Style & Color
  • Top Strip
  • Stitching
  • Carbon Fiber Color and Look (S16 - S20 is Forged Carbon)
  • Full Alcantara Wheel Available (Type 'Full Alcantara' in the text box)


  • LED Strip
  • Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters (Black or Red)
  • Airbag Cover


  • Fit for E9X BMW
  • Fit for LHD & RHD Vehicles
Does not include airbag & buttons, these will need to be switched over from your original steering wheel.
Usually, It takes 7-14 days to produce after the order is placed, and takes roughly 4-7 days to ship via DHL, FedEx or UPS worldwide.
Be sure to contact us via email if you are interested in any other custom options you would like in the steering wheel.
Be sure to disconnect the battery before working on any electrical components within your vehicle. We are not responsible for any injuries, damages to you or your vehicle which may occur as a result of not disconnecting the battery before disassembling and reassembling your steering wheel.
See Shipping & Refund Policy

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